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What is Spanish Online?
Spanish online is a series of interactive courses to learn conversational Spanish, which is a tool that will help you in your professional or daily life.
  • These courses are for beginning and advanced level learners.
  • You will have live conversations in Spanish.
  • A native Spanish speaker and qualified instructor will provide you with comments and reviews.

Our schedules of classes are flexible and are designed around our students availability. We strive to be very productive in every session and we make sure knowledge and experiences are equally shared between students and instructors.

spanish online nicaragua

La Calzada Spanish School, in La Calzada street, Granada Nicaragua Copyright 2010 All rights reserved.
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Managua Airport Transfers

Our Managua Airport Transfer to Granada Nicaragua. This is the best shuttle service in Town from the Managua International Airport to Granada.

Hostal Accommodation

Our Hostal Amigos in Granada Nicaraguais located only two blocks away from Central Park. Private rooms and dormitory beds at our hostel are equipped with fans and WiFi access.

School Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse in Granada Nicaraguaoffers three meals a day and shared rooms separately for women and men. Dormitory beds are equipped with fans and WiFi.

Nicaragua Tours

Our Nicaragua tours are convenient ways to get in touch with nature and local people.